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January 4, 2013
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SHo by DesignByMichaels SHo by DesignByMichaels
SHo is a showcase type skin for rainmeter. I was trying to figure out a way to have all the meters I like to use on my desktop, but in a way where it's not so cluttered and spread out all over the screen. A showcase, very similar to ones you might see on a website, is the best way, I think, to get it done and look great. So thanks to and their awesome royalty free PS resources.


SHo V.1.3

-Zune Lite Theme
-Background Changer, with 22 different backgrounds
-4 New sub-panels on the home panel; system, network, shortcuts and RSS (RSS is not up and running yet)

If you find any issues with SHo, just drop me a comment here.
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Given 2013-01-11
SHo by ~JoshAllen82 ( Featured by neiio )
How do you get the background to be transparent again?
RichSABACAB Feb 28, 2014  New member
Very nice, I like this a lot. 

I just have a couple issues with it. For some reason, the Shadow Style changer, in edit mode does not work. It's stuck on S8, and I can't select the other options. 

I also have an issue with the slide show tab, no matter what folder I set for it to use, it only displays in 2 of the 12 boxes, always the same 2. If anyone has a possible fix, that'd be marvelous.

Whats the wallpaper used on the top image?
Wonderful creation, Thnks a billion.

When trying to change font color in calendar, I receive following alert: Windows can't find config tool.exe

Pls inform

Thnks again
aihehe Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
This is by far the best rainmeter skin I've seen and I've seen alot!

by any chance, is there a way to get the slideshow part separate from the rest? cause I'd love to have it fit my whole screen.

Kind Regards in advance
Download link is dead.
it's a really great job
Great thing. I let go everything else, all gadgets and docks...
Just one problem - I cant make the "player" tab work properly. It knows I have foobar (I also have that required .dll) and it knows something is playing in it. Anyway it doesnt show any info, album art and so on. Also player bar at the bottom of "home" tab show only nonsenses... Any ideas?

Beside of that, perfect idea perfectly done. Thanks
Amazing work. i really dont know what to say..
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